RTM Philosophy// Branded in Knoxville, Tennessee

My name is Jonathan. I head up a group of individuals who grew up in and operate out of Knoxville, Tennessee. We are devoted to website design and applications for businesses and individuals for every need imaginable. At Rocky Top Media, we create and enhance functional websites and applications to our clients at a reasonable cost.

So how do we continue to grow this operation in a sluggish economy and constantly changing market? Not only do we embrace change, we encourage it. We adhere to the theory that great brands and successful branding will transcend all types of media. Quality, innovation, and solid client relationships are platform-agnostic. Above all else, each and every one of us loves what we do. We take a proactive approach to design and promotion. Here is our proven methodology consisting of three steps:

  • Pre-Action Planning 
  • Design and Development
  • Project Domination

Pre-action planning reveals obstacles that we may encounter on the road to development before they become a threat to the success of the project. Content creation is always a collaborative effort between us and our clients. Client communication and intensive planning is our blueprint to great design and development.

Website design and development begins once things are fully prepped and planned, but not a moment too soon. Building and optimizing websites/applications is an ever changing process and we are an aggressive company. We stay one step ahead of possible obstacles and never sacrifice quality. Our intensive design and development phase is client centric. Constant communication with clients ensures a top-flight website or application, both functionally and aesthetically.

“Project domination” is a phrase we use that refers to our ability to take control of unforeseen complications and/or challenging requests. Our client’s demands come first and foremost. Nothing is impossible and all road blocks WILL be knocked down….quickly. All of this is done while staying in constant contact with our clients. Our timeframes are concrete and our work is unrivaled.

We would love to talk to about any of your website, mobile application, and/or marketing needs. Contact us today!