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Coming Back Soon

Every now and then, a business can break through to the next level. Rocky Top Media has made a business of finding and implementing reasonable web solutions, and now we […]

Bing & Facebook Graph Search: It’s Complicated

What are we to make of the relationship between Bing and Facebook? These two have been casually dating for quite a while. With the impending release of Facebook Graph Search […]

Google Gets Serious About Scraped Data

For years Google has been telling everyone not to scrape their AdWords data. Everyone continued to scrape their AdWords data.   So there was this “wink and a nod” sort […]

How To Lessen Your B2B Productivity On Twitter

If you are being overwhelmed by website traffic and leads coming from your Twitter feed, here are few tips to slow down that productivity.   Have No Bio I’m stunned that people […]

A Single Penny is a Marketing Mile High Hurdle

The difference between $0.00 and $0.01 is the biggest hurdle a marketer today will face.   There has been a heavy shift in buyer mentality over the last ten or […]

Google Acquires…PR Problems

The latest fake press release calls to attention a hole in the press release distribution system you could drive an 18 wheel truck filled with pill spam through. PRWeb , […]

Advanced Link Building Does NOT Exist

There is no such thing as “advanced link building”, there is “good” and “bad”. You don’t have to look hard to find articles, webinars, seminars, even books that focus on […]

Is Google’s EMD Update Going to Destroy Your Website?

The short answer, “no”. The long answer, “well…..maybe”. In case you aren’t sure what EMD is, it’s “exact match domain”. In the past, Google has given substantial credit to a […]

AuthorRank Will Make a World of Difference

  In its never ending quest to identify quality content, Google has put into motion an Authorship Program. This Authorship Program will be used to determine AuthorRank, which will allow […]