Mobile Applications

Depending on your industry. a mobile application can be either a simple convenience or an absolute necessity.


A mobile application allows both clients and business partners to enjoy a new interactive online experience. Knoxville is a town that comes alive on the weekends (especially Saturdays), your customers need a way to find you when they are away from their homes anf that is where custom mobile apps come in. There is a multitude of platforms and structures to choose from and choosing a mobile app design that’s right for your business can be mind numbing. Our web design team will show you which applications are right for your business.

There are two basic types of applications:

A native application runs with the help of the specific programming language for the particular type of device. A native app will run faster than a wrapped application. The biggest advantage to native apps is their capability to be more complex than a traditional wrapped application.

A wrapped application (or built from standard HTML5 and CSS3) is a special website that is “wrapped” and exported to a service like iTunes or Google Play for download onto your device. A wrapped application looks and sounds like an application, but technically, it is not. You can run special functions available on tablets and phones such as the camera and GPS. These type of apps are faster to develop and less expensive. Wrapped applications do have some limitations, but the main advantage to them is that they can be exported to function on different types of devices.

So do you need an application only for iPads? Will your business be primarily Android based? Are you developing a company that needs a platform-agnostic mobile application? We will help you answer these questions.

Rocky Top Media will make mobile application development painless and affordable. We will be happy to sit down and discuss any questions you have about mobile apps and how they can make your business a giant.