Pay-Per Click Advertising



A pay-per click marketing campaign is designed to increase targeted traffic while raising customer conversion rates.

Put simply, pay-per click marketing is centered on “keyword searches”. For example, if you enters the phrase “Knoxville pet sitting”, the pay-per click results will be the ones at the very top of the page, many times they will say “sponsored links. The keyword phrase “Knoxville pet sitting” is auctioned off by Google at a pay-per click price. The companies that bid the most for the keyword phrase wins that space when someone enters those keywords.

Importance of proper keywords

The keywords your company targets must be specific. A higher conversion rate is expected out of a pay-per click campaign so the results of the purchased space need to take a customer directly the product or service requested. The goal of a pay-per click program is to shrink the sales funnel to maximize the money you spend on the campaign.


Setting a strict budget and adhering to it is a staple of pay-per click marketing. PPC marketing is a fast and convenient way to get traffic as compared to organic marketing, but since you are paying for each click,  you must be able to justify the cost with results. Setting limits and changing them as the results are evaluated has to be a continual process. You can be overexcited by results and not pay attention to cost. While selling a million pairs of sneakers at $100 a pair sounds great, it’s fruitless if your company spends $110 dollars to sell it.

Measuring success

A major benefit to PPC marketing is the ability to measure your results with metrics. Every aspect of PPC is measurable and can be evaluated not only for a current PPC campaign but applied to organic and social media campaigns that are used in conjunction. A good marketer will look not only at resulted sales but also how customers engaged and reacted to the ads.

Customized Ads

If your company is looking to target a specific geographical location, ads can be designed to only run when a search is initiated in a certain location or region. For example if a pet sitting company is located in Knoxville, TN and draws its clients from that area almost exclusively, the ad can be designed to only show up when it’s entered into search in the Knoxville, TN area.

Also, if an ad is not going to be as effective when searched in the middle of the night or middle of the day, it can be set to only run at the times at the highest traffic or conversion rate as specified by the company that purchases the ad.